About Us
We listen and we respond. We pay attention to detail and tend to glitches. Independency is a company that cares for not just the destination but the journey in assuring you of the safety and security of your finances. With our diverse techniques and tactics we have come together to work as a team in producing only the best suited outcome related to your circumstance.

With 10 years experience the company has been short listed as one of the top 25 finance influences in Australian finance; built a highly successful financial services group; setting up their own construction company and property investment company; and also sold to a public company to manage their fast growing interests and franchise network. Combining these experiences independency helps you to stand on your own two feet when handling your finances.

Our company Independency, attends to business, and personal finance to property, superannuation, investment and company structuring, we'll help you achieve a state of independency.


Independency offers you more than 10 years of experience in the financial sector. We provide business and personal finance as well as superannuation, investment and company structuring advice. Independency can help you find financial peace of mind.

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